Who is Baipho Thai Remedy?

Baipho Thai Remedy is a privately owned small company.  We started our services as Kobkun Thai Therapy Fulham Branch in February 2007, and renamed to Baipho Thai Remedy in May, 2013.  The management team of the company and therapists remain the same as Kobkun Thai Therapy Fulham, and our services get only better.  It is the Thai therapeutic and beauty clinic which operates from 615 Fulham Road in Southwest of London, U.K.


What is 'Baipho'?

Baipho means 'leaves of Sacred Fig' in the Thai language.  According to the legends of Buddhism, Guatama Buddha achieved enlightenment while meditating underneath the Pho tree, which is also known as the Bo tree, Bodhi tree or Peepal.  It is recognisable by its heart-shaped leaves, which are usually prominently displayed.  It symbolises peace and success, and is considered sacred tree by Buddhists.


Qualifications of Our Therapists

Our highly-trained and experienced therapists will tone, repair and rejuvenate tired muscles, will offer their skills that make for one of the most rewarding and health-improving experience.

  *Our therapists are qualified from Wat Pho, Thai traditional medical school.


  *Our therapists are qualified and insured with Association of Physical and Natural Therapists.


 *We are member of British Complementary Medicine Association.